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Where on Earth?! Columbia River

“Teeming” is an oft used term to describe the spectacles of numbers in nature.  “Countless” also comes to mind, and these terms speak well to air borne species when they appear in great abundance. Although insects harbor the most numbers, … Continue reading

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Where on Earth?! Tenacatita

Across the narrow, dusty street directly opposite the bungalow with the funky driftwood gate that opened to the beach was a modest sized neighborhood tortilla factory.  It was a typical village street with giant potholes neatly bordered by an outline … Continue reading

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Where on Earth?! Palenque

First there were two of them, and then three and then five, maybe six, all in the same posture, hunching forward and snapping their whips in unison.  The short, stocky men in matching sombreros looked almost comical as they marched … Continue reading

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