Carved Eagles Dedication Ceremony

“Winged Companions”  cedar driftwood sculpture, 44″ x 36″

The Fallbrook Art Center recently concluded its landmark 25th annual “Reflections of Nature” wildlife art exhibition and combined the art show with a sculpture dedication ceremony in their nature conservancy sculpture garden.  A special dedication of a Terry Woodall sculpture highlighted the ceremony as “Winged Companions,” an outdoor cedar sculpture of two eagles in Woodall’s signature free form style, was installed in the  sculpture garden.  The sculpture event was followed by the weekend long wildlife art exhibition at the Fallbrook Art Center.  This exhibition has consistently drawn top artists from around the nation, and was founded by wildlife artist Gamini Ratnavira, who spoke about the history of the event at the dedication ceremony.

This sculpture dedication served as a tribute to the many wildlife artists who have attended the show over the past 25 years, and to the collaboration of the Fallbrook Land Conservancy and Fallbrook’s Art in Public Places program.  Over the past 15 years, many sculptures depicting animals of the region have been installed in this Palomares House Park and Sculpture Garden.  At the dedication of his sculpture,  Woodall spoke of his gratitude on the selection of his sculpture and his connections to the Fallbrook community, the merits of the program, and his personal art.

The Fallbrook Land Conservancy’s mission is to bring awareness to the importance of conservation and preservation, and the Art in Public Places program presents art as a means of communication.

Photo credits:  Maria Schaeffer

“Winged Companions”  in their permanent placement at the ceremony.


An admirer of the outdoor sculpture.

Terry Woodall with Vince Ross at left, patron of Fallbrook arts and a sponsor of the installation.









Artist Terry Woodall with his art and the dedication plaque.

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  1. Second Street Gallery says:

    Just sold your pelican three ship, and the otter. . . so. . . bring a few more things when you have a chance! THANKS!

    What’s the best address for you?

    Candace K 541-290-9513

    Carrie McKim – Owner 541-297-7913 Cell 541-347-4133 Gallery Second Street Gallery 210 2nd St. SE Bandon, OR 97411 >

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