Where on Earth?! Vancouver, Canada, Art Exhibition


"On the Hunt"  Myrtlewood,    22H x 32W x 12D

“On the Hunt”   myrtlewood,
22H x 32W x 12D

Orcas “On the Hunt”, a myrtlewood sculpture by Terry Woodall, is part of the annual Art of Conservation international exhibition and Art Festival in Vancouver, Canada.  As part of the festival’s artist demonstrations, Terry will show his techniques of staining white myrtlewood orca carvings to create realistic markings of the animal.  Two of the orcas used in the demonstrations will replicate Ocean Sun and her daughter Lolita, who resides at Miami Seaquarium and is the subject of a “Free Lolita” campaign sponsored by the Orca Network.  The carved orcas will be donated to a “Free Lolita” fundraiser in Chicago.

Terry will also be part of the Art Festival lecture program with a slide presentation of myrtlewood forests and the affinity he has with these rare trees.  Sculpture created from these natural woods and his methods of producing the art will also be covered, along with a surprise look into the images found in the myrtlewood grains.  Lecture is scheduled for Sunday afternoon at Grouse Mountain’s Theater in the Sky.

"Moon Walker"  myrtlewood  image on archival paper, 9H x 6W

“Moon Walker” myrtlewood image on archival paper, 9H x 6W

About the Art Festival:  Seventh Annual  Art of Conservation  Art Exhibition

Date:  September 27 – October 5

Location:  Grouse Mountain Resort, North Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Details:  An exhibition of nature art by top wildlife artists, combined with an art festival of lectures and presentations, artists demonstrating their work, and nature tours.  Grouse Mountain is a ski lodge resort and wildlife sanctuary 4000 feet above the city of Vancouver, B.C.


Lectures, Theater in the Sky:  “Myrtlewood,  the Trees and the Art”, presentation by Terry Woodall  on Sunday, Sept. 28, at 4:30 pm.

Web site: http://www.artistsforconservation.org

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